Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching by Le Tisdale in San Jose, CampbellReligious and spiritual beliefs are extremely personal. Spiritual coaching involves working with the client’s own beliefs; encouraging them to expand their awareness and understanding and apply those principles as guidelines for their own decision-making.

The foundations of spiritual coaching are:

  • Compassion, the flow and overflow of mercy, forgiveness and patience
  • Integrity, the state of wholeness, honesty and consistency
  • Non –judgment, quieting  the inner chatter and allowing what it so
  • Non- attachment, being with things the way they are and the way they’re not

We explore our gifts, what gives us true joy and what and where we are willing to make sacrifices.  With Spiritual Coaching we sort through our stories, habits and beliefs and determine what truly serves us, what helps us actualize our dreams.

Guide me to be a patient companion
To listen with a heart as open as the sky
Grant me vision to see through another’s eyes
And eager ears to hear their story
Create a safe and open meadow in which we may walk together
Make me a clear pool in which others may reflect
Guide me to find in all beings beauty and wisdom
Understanding their desire to be in harmony – healthy, loving, and strong
Let me honor and respect each being choosing of their own path
And bless them to walk it freely
May I know once again that although we are different
There is a peaceful place where we are one

……….As one Pueblo elder recommends, “Pray in your way, whichever way you know how.”