Meet Gracie

Nancy and Gracie

Gracie, a Golden Labrador Retriever, has been my therapy partner for several years.  She enhances my skills as a therapist and is a positive influence in my practice. 

Gracie’s primary job is to provide affection and comfort to clients.  Her presence generally calms the room and helps clients focus.

Children enjoy hugging Gracie and taking her for walks.  She helps many of them work on their social skills.  The kids feel safe with Gracie and know that she is trustworthy.   Adults usually enjoy simply petting her and having her hang out by them.   One special talent of Gracie is her ability to help clients who are fearful of dogs overcome this fear after building a trusting and comfortable relationship with them.

Gracie Playful

Gracie and I also volunteer with Furry Friends which is an organization that provides pet-assisted therapy services in the community.

In her free time, Gracie likes to relax by going dock diving, running on the beach, swimming and doing nose work.  Nose work, finding a specific object or odor, is an excellent way for her to burn both mental and physical energy, and have a blast!