Family and Relationships

Family relationships

What issues are you facing within your family today?

Families rarely fit the stereotype we see on television and in the movies. Perhaps your family fits into one of these scenarios, or another equally challenging.

• The kids are with you, and then they break free only to return home for any number of reasons.

• Your children or siblings are acting out, sometimes verbally, and sometimes physically to themselves, other family members or even you. They may even be exhibiting self-destructive behavior such as taking drugs or being reckless.

• You’re an “empty-nester” trying to cope with your children being gone. How can you maintain a close relationship, and what will that relationship look like now that they are grown, and ready to make their own decisions?

• Parents who took care of you may now be in a situation where you must be a ‘parent’ to them, making decisions, and even providing personal care.

There are no easy answers but you can find ways to not only cope but thrive in your family situation, whatever it may be.

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